Innovation is an important concept that is constantly changing the world. Any time you come up with a new idea, a new product, or a new service that advances modern technology and finds new ways of doing things, you have been innovating.

Just like many companies all over the world, MediaLab came forth out off a struggle: the pain of sending and screening thousands of tapes each year for Broadcast companies. At the time, sorting, sharing and evaluating new programs were manual activities and thus very time consuming and costly. With the creation of MediaLab the distribution, (re)viewing and storage of large media files has been made simple and secure. As for today, the digital media management platform of MediaLab is used by multiple broadcasters, production houses, brands and marketing agencies all over the world, in many different ways.

That is why we want to give a shout out to Innovation Day, where we celebrate intrepid explorers of new ideas.

Celebrate Innovation Day

Innovation Days can be held throughout the year by companies seeking to find opportunities to get great ideas from all throughout their infrastructure. For innovators there is one thing that is essential; to think outside the box and always be looking forward. That is why Innovation Day was created, to represent and inspire these people to greater heights. Celebrate Innovation Day by reading up on current innovations and making some plans of your own.

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MediaLab Team

Feb 16, 2021