Media company Talpa Network and digital platform MediaLab have entered into a multi-year agreement for the delivery, storage and management of the organization's media content. As of this quarter, the media management platform will be used for many of Talpa Network's national and international media flows.

“We have been working with MediaLab since 2010 and that works because the DNA of our organizations is similar: we both want to innovate and believe in the power of simplicity. In the past, we used MediaLab only for filesharing, but recently we have not only extended but also expanded the collaboration. In the new setup, our configuration will be more robust and faster and we will do much more than just filesharing. The main reason for this is the enthusiasm of the users, our content creators at Talpa Network: they work with MediaLab to their full satisfaction, especially because of the simplicity and intuitive operation,” says Ewoud Flameling, Manager Production Technology at Talpa Network.

The first collaboration between Talpa Network and MediaLab dates back to 2010, when a solution was sought for sharing video clips with external parties and sponsors. Later, MediaLab became the delivery platform for various SBS programs, including the news programs on SBS6. From now on, in addition to RTL and public broadcasters, the platform will also be used by Talpa Network for the supply and delivery of content within the organization.

During 2020, Talpa Network approached MediaLab to centralize their media workflows and make them future-proof. The result: the hybrid media management platform that has now been deployed. “With our platform, we offer a secure and user-friendly solution for performing technical workflows,” says Hans de Heus, CEO of MediaLab. “First we mapped out how the different workflows run and what the use cases were per department. After that, it was important to optimize this on a case-by-case basis, so that we could offer Talpa Network a future-proof solution.”

An important advantage is that MediaLab makes optimal use of the existing infrastructure of the customer. CTO Pepijn Over explains: “With our Hybrid Cloud concept, we can always adapt the MediaLab infrastructure to the specific situation at the customer. Talpa Network will utilize their existing infrastructure combined with cloud scalability , and in this way, Talpa Network has really taken the next step in the delivery and delivery of content, in terms of security and speed as well as ease of use.”

The match between the two organizations was there from the start, says De Heus: “Thanks to our practical experience, we can easily keep up with developments. A company like Talpa Network never sits still, and we can anticipate this quickly thanks to the personal contact.”

About MediaLab

MediaLab offers the best digital platform to manage all your professional media workflows. With our secure cloud solution, both internal teams and external stakeholders can easily view, monitor, organize, share and store uploaded media files and branded content.

Our automated go-to-market workflows, easy user management and advanced features make MediaLab the undisputed number one media cloud solution. Several major international clients, including film production, media and retail companies are already using our solution, which is 100% compliant with European legislation on encryption, privacy and GDPR. MediaLab is located in Amsterdam, has been around for more than 14 years and was spun off from PQR in 2020.

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Nov 11, 2021
Press release