MediaLab provided the press portal platform for the Invictus Games that took place in The Hague (NL) last April. Using their media management platform as a branded portal, broadcasters, media companies and press agencies from around the world were able to access high quality media content about the sporting event for wounded or injured servicemen and women.

Dutch media production company FabriQ Media Group approached MediaLab after hearing about the solution for the US-Russia Summit they hosted in the summer of 2021. “We were looking for a way to distribute the content we produce during the Invictus Games. MediaLab presented us with their pressroom solution, and we immediately knew it was the right fit for this event”, explains Tim Verhulsdonck, founder and managing partner at FabriQ. “Setting up a complete press flow was easy, providing access to all stakeholders across the globe.”

The reason for implementing such a defining new feature in such a short time was a big one: the US-Russia summit in Geneva in June 2021. "One of our Dutch partners, EMG, contacted us to set up the entire environment in a matter of days, including livestream and online pressrooms," says Pepijn. "After that successful project, we were asked to do a screening for a new HBO series. So yes, the screening room feature will definitely be a standard feature in the MediaLab platform this year."

Always available and easy to use

Together with FabriQ, MediaLab created a press portal to host all assets and media files of the Invictus Games. At the end of every day of the Games, FabriQ created a wrap-up video that was shared daily with media and other stakeholders. “It was especially important that the press portal solution would be simple and easy to use”, says Hans de Heus, CEO at MediaLab. “Thanks to the press portal’s clean interface, all parties involved are able to easily find, download and share the Invictus Games’ media files.”

The portal currently hosts over 10 TBs of content – not just video files, but also instructions, maps, brand guidelines and logos. It contains everything broadcasters, media companies and press agencies needed to report on the Invictus Games: before, during and after the event. MediaLab’s traffic analysis shows that the portal has provided content to broadcasters from all over the world, ranging from Europe to Asia and Australia.

New features in MediaLab’s press portal

MediaLab was asked to host the press portal for the US-Russia Summit in June 2021. They only had a few days to set everything up, showing that MediaLab is agile and innovative, according to De Heus: “Since then, we’ve further developed our press portal, implementing new features before the Invictus Games started. Multiple livestreams, security measures and additional watermarking are just some of them. We’ve enjoyed working with FabriQ and the Invictus Games Foundation, and that feeling was mutual. A personal touch and good communication are the basis for any successful collaboration.”

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MediaLab Team

May 19, 2022
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