MediaLab has signed a partnership agreement with Belgian company DigiNet, one of the leading suppliers for hardware and software in the Benelux audio-visual sector. Both parties already have a strong position within the broadcasting and media industry. By joining forces, both parties aim to strengthen their market position and serve their customers even better.

DigiNet offers their audio-visual services in combination with hardware solutions. As a result, MediaLab and its hybrid cloud solution often seamlessly connect with the projects DigiNet carries out for its clients. "We have been operating side by side in the Dutch media landscape for quite some time," says Niels Mos, Broadcast Division Manager at DigiNet. "By entering the market together, we support each other as growing companies both within and outside the media sector."

Founded in 1996 in the Brussels area, DigiNet expanded its operations to the Netherlands in 2012. The company's mission is to offer the best solutions within every part of the audio-visual sector, by supplying connectivity hardware as well as reselling, implementing and managing solutions.

Growing stronger together in the Benelux

Both companies have already made a name for themselves in the media industry and the partner agreement will only contribute to this, says Hans de Heus, CEO at MediaLab: "We both have a strong position in the Benelux market already, but by joining forces we’re even stronger. The cultural match is perfect: we have the same personal approach and, like DigiNet, are always there for our clients."

Niels Mos agrees: "We can help MediaLab extend that personal approach beyond the Dutch borders to Belgium, where the DigiNet headquarters is based. That way, the portfolio of clients we serve becomes even more diverse."

Partner program

Collaborating with DigiNet is part of MediaLab's partner program, one of the pillars of this year's business strategy. De Heus explains: "By creating an extensive partner network in Europe, we can reach potential new customers more easily using partners who see MediaLab as an added value to their product portfolio."

MediaLab Team

Nov 25, 2022