In collaboration with ORN (Omroep Reclame Nederland), MediaLab has developed a new, overarching distribution platform. This new platform marks a milestone in efficient distribution of advertising materials to regional broadcasters. It serves as a central hub for advertisers and 13 regional TV and radio stations, from which the distribution of advertising materials is streamlined.

The recent announcement that Ster takes over the sales activities of ORN from January 1, 2024, adds an extra dimension to this initiative. The sales activities of Ster will be integrated into the MediaLab platform, giving advertisers access to a wider audience through this integrated platform.

The collaboration between ORN and MediaLab is further solidified by a multi-year agreement, demonstrating the shared vision of more efficient cooperation between regional broadcasters and advertisers. This collaboration is a testament to the joint commitment to innovate and improve in the broadcast and media industry.

Wil Disseldorp of ORN comments: "We have deliberately chosen MediaLab's solution to offer our commercials more simply and efficiently to the broadcasters. This new platform centralizes content delivery and is a game changer for the interaction between suppliers, producers, and broadcasters."

CTO Pepijn Over of MediaLab adds: "Thanks to our experience in the broadcast and media industry, we understand how to set up the infrastructure. This enables us not only to achieve optimal distribution but also to avoid manual quality checks, such as transferring metadata. MediaLab makes it possible to centrally deliver content, perform automatic quality checks, and then automatically distribute media to broadcasters according to reports and schedules."

MediaLab Team

Jan 16, 2024
Press release