MediaLab for content creators

MediaLab helps you to get your creative content to market faster and smoother, by giving you the optimal media management platform with a centralized company portal with easy folder management, quick share options and branded communication tools when sharing your content.

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How Content Creators use MediaLab

As a Content Creator, production schedules and projects can be hectic and time consuming. Especially when it comes to collaboration with your team, freelancers, other departmenst, marketing agencies and further partners. And, most importantly, keeping your increasing amount of produced content manageable. Create the perfect media workflow for your content with MediaLab.

Share links

Share links

Share and review media Share media with internal and external users. Create a direct link or send an email to let your audience watch your media. Request feedback from others and have them directly comment on your media with timecodes.



Branding MediaLab to match your brand identity by customizing your Lab. Combine all the branding features to make your media stand out from the rest and make it feel like an extension of your organization.


Stock Media

Manage Content Keeping all your content organized and share it with internal and external parties. Provide a central screening room and require acceptance of embargo or attribution when downloading.


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