Digital Archive

A searchable and shareable archive

Keep media accessible

Still storing your old footage on tapes in a cabinet somewhere? Nothing inherently wrong with that, but how do you keep track of the content you have? With our digital archiving solution, you can build a digital archive with all source material archived safely, while keeping all preview versions and metadata accessible and searchable. By implementing multiple storage solutions using our Hybrid Cloud stack, we can arrange a wide variety of archive solutions to meet your needs.

Azure Cold archive

By offering cloud integration for our archiving, you can keep using your regular MediaLab interface and we will automatically move the source filesto and from the archive on demand. You can still generate share links, play back the preview versions and search on the metadata that has been added. It integrates seamlessly as a folder in your account so it can be secured using our regular user- and group permissions.

Hybrid Cloud archive

When you are on our Hybrid Cloud platform, we support hooking up to existing network-attached storage inside your network. This way you can utilize existing storage for long-term archiving and stay in control of your media.

More features

MediaLab Link

Quick media sharing with the power of the MediaLab platform.

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Company Portal

Facilitate easy and secure file sharing across your company by having one Lab for each department and bringing them together in a single Company Portal.

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Hybrid Cloud

You can use MediaLab in the public cloud, on-premise or on our own cloud. We scale from small production companies to large broadcasters with professional IT infrastructure.

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