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Sharing media files efficiently

There are multiple aspects to managing and structuring (media) files for digital storage and distribution. One of them, access control, has been getting more important in recent years. Legislation is getting stricter (especially in the EU) and digital data breaches are an every-day occurrence. It’s getting more important than ever to keep control over who has access to your files. Staying in control of your media while still being able to share it publicly is exactly where we can help you.

Share it selectively

We are big fans of the so-called “principle of least privilege”: Don’t give someone access to something they don’t need to see. With MediaLab we provide two ways to implement this in your own Lab. First of all we have the ‘user and group permissions’ for internal users. You can fine-tune the access to a single folder if you want to. While it takes a bit more effort to set it up initially, taking the time to set this up will ensure your users, that they can only view and download the media they are supposed to.

Share files by email

  • Share a direct link by email
  • Statistics and reporting
  • No download required (online playback)
  • Protect high-resolution source files for media

By far the most commonly used feature on our platform is the “Share by e-mail” feature:

  1. Select some files
  2. Fill in a recipient
  3. Fill in a personal message (optional)
  4. Select some options (e.g. download, comment or both) 
  5. Send a personal link directly to your client.

Because it’s a personal link, we provide statistics on which files have been viewed, which files have been downloaded and you can of course opt in for a notification directly in your mailbox.

Since we create playable previews of all your media, your recipients can directly watch it online, with no download required (online playback). You can even take it one step further and disable the “Download source” option, which will keep your high-resolution source files securely on our platform.

It integrates with our comment system, so it’s easy to request feedback on the files you shared. Each link can be given an expiry time as well, after which the link will no longer work.

Share files by direct links

  • Generate a direct link
  • Share or embed the link anywhere
  • Set a custom expiry time per link

Share files by non-personal direct link

If you need to share files with a big group of people, or maybe embedded on your website, it’s also easy to generate a non-personal share link, which can be shared on WhatsApp, Slack or social media. The link you share will take the visitors to a separate area where they can watch the shared media, without gaining access to the rest of your media stored in your Lab.

To give you an example, we at MediaLab have a bunch of content that we share on our website or social media, ranging from infographics to demo videos. We organize these centrally in our own account so the whole team has access, and when necessary, we just generate a link so we can share it with you!

File supports

So, what kind of files do we actually support for sharing? For uploading and sharing: any type of file you wish, whether it’s a ZIP file, MP4, JPG or Powerpoint, you can upload it and send a link to someone else.

For online playback & viewing, our focus lies on media files but we will attempt to support funky file types on request. Currently we provide good support for Office documents, video formats, photographic material and a lot more. Get in touch with us if you have a file that you think we should support and we’ll see what we can do.

Fore more details on what files are currently supported, please check out this support article.

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