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At the 2023 International Monetary Fund (IMF) annual meeting in Marrakesh, our client EMG played a pivotal role in managing a vast collection of multimedia content for various meetings. We took pride in establishing a centralized media management system and subsequently, setting up a structured archive. In this client story, we share the highlights of our collaboration and the achievements accomplished.

The challenge: Vast multimedia content management

The event, featuring numerous high-profile meetings, posed a significant challenge: efficiently managing, organizing, and distributing a large volume of multimedia content. Not only distributing this content with international press, but also internally during the event. The EMG team faced the task of handling thousands of media files real time with the press, meanwhile making sure all the individual meetings got their necessary content like PowerPoints, visual and audio content.

The solution: A tailored MAM system

Working closely with the event organizers, MediaLab implemented a custom Media Asset Management (MAM) system. This MAM system featured an organized folder structure, detailed user management and a customized metadata system, facilitating easy categorization and access to media content. Our approach ensured smooth operation across different meeting rooms, catering to their specific media needs.

IMF folder structure
Chris Demeulemeester
"Not only did MediaLab help us out perfectly during the event, but their flexibility also enabled us to provide a well-thought-out post-event workflow. MediaLab offered us a solid archiving solution with a touch of MAM."
Chris Demeulemeester — International Sales Manager, EMG check

The result: Efficient media distribution and archiving

Our custom MediaLab platform enabled the event organizers to effortlessly manage and distribute a significant amount of media content. The system not only streamlined internal workflows but also ensured that all teams could upload and share content efficiently. The introduction of a digital archive made media accessible and organized for future use.

  • Archived assets

    6000+ km overseas

  • Supported

    100+ meetings

  • Distributed over

    35 meeting rooms

  • Event lasted

    6 days

Aftercare: Eco-friendly and cost-effective archiving

Post-event, we focused on sustainable archiving, selectively preserving essential content for long-term accessibility. This content is stored in Azure Cold Storage within MediaLab, ensuring cost-effective and eco-friendly maintenance. This not only keeps the event's legacy alive but also provides a comprehensive content repository for future organizers, underlining our commitment to sustainable and impactful media management.

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