MediaLab is different from any other file sharing or cloud storage solution. We offer a secure storage space that feels like home. Fully transparent. No surprises. Go ahead and style your Lab any way you like and invite only the people you want to have a peek!

Digital media management

Manage your files from one intuitive cloud platform. MediaLab is your command central for video and digital media assets, allowing you to: Securely transfer large video files at lightning speed​; Review and approve media with your stakeholders; Keeping all your files stored safe and secure​.


Securely transfer large video files at lightning speed

Share your media

Share media with internal and external users. Create a direct link or send an email to let your audience watch your media online.

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Upload Invite

Need to receive content? Quickly invite external users to upload files and have them delivered in your private Lab.

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MediaLab Link

Quick media sharing with the power of the MediaLab platform.

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Set up automated workflows with Vantage, Avid or Interplay, or connect with your own storage through FTP / UDP / S3 / etc.


Use our CDN (or bring your own) to scale your media delivery with low latency and high bandwidth distribution of your assets.


Utilize our transcoding platform to create web-ready previews of all your uploaded media. Embed a watermark for extra security or upload a custom format.

Viewing & reviewing

Review and approve media with your stakeholders

Branding & brand identity

Your Lab with the look and feel of the organization. Upload your logo, pick your colors and get started.

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Stock Media

Keeping all your media organized and share it with internal and external parties. Provide a central screening room and require acceptance of embargo or attribution when downloading.

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Metadata requirements

Require metadata to be provided when files are uploaded, before an automatic delivery workflow kicks off to deliver it to your target destination.


Request feedback from others and have them directly comment on your media with timecodes. Enable notifications to stay informed.

Embed media

Embed videos directly on your website by using MediaLab as media storage & transcoding platform. Integrate direct uploading from your website and create an embed code on the fly.

Captions & transcriptions

Generate transcriptions using AI or upload them manually and manage captions with a single click.

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Storage and archiving

Keeping all your files stored safely and securely

Hybrid Cloud

You can use MediaLab in the public cloud, on-premise or hosted as a service. Compatible with S3 and Azure storage so you can stay in control.

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Build a digital archive by storing high-res source material on archive storage while keeping access to preview versions and metadata.

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Access Control

Use our advanced permission system to control access using group rights, user levels and access flags.

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Media Library

Build a media library to manage and distribute your media assets. Protect source files while sharing viewable versions and use an extensive security system to limit access.

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Store technical and user-supplied metadata with your files with a custom template, easily search and find your media using tags.


Integrate MediaLab using our REST API to create custom integrations or use MediaLab as a platform to host your media files.

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Full-service platform for all things media

Single Sign On

Secure your media library by integrating your corporate authorization workflow.

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Shared accounts

Use special shared accounts with auto-login links to provide public access or let partners and distributors access your latest assets.

Company Portal

Facilitate easy and secure file sharing across your company by having one Lab for each department and bringing them together in a single Company Portal.

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